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Does user works from Console?
Add new local user account on Solaris 10
Check if user is root
Register a system with Sun
Configure and run SunVTS
Error subroutine
awk example - show hostname per state
Boot archive update for x86
Hogs on the ZFS home directories
My Tracking time (using AWK array)
Fiber Channel Multipathing (on Solaris 10)
Fix Radius service (as RC script)
Find who uses a filesystem
Get stat of some license tool
Shell script for storage reporting
Script for creating ClearCase layout
make and makefile
Expect scripts - examples
SAN info script (Solaris 3PAR Veritas)
Look for account's expired password on Solaris
Creating a man page
Backup a VM in standalone Dom0 (OVS)
Backup GitLab


NIS netgroup cleaning
Solaris service xfer2syslog


Make home for IPA user
Add DHCP reservation
DHCP reservation for Linux, Solaris, AK
Adding Cobbler distro
Rebuild IPA server (VM)
Import DSEE automount maps into IPA
Search duplicated MAC in DHCP clients' cfg files
Remove DHCP client's reservation
Subnet management on DHCP server
Python script to add a system to Cobbler
Script to search/show a user in LDAP directory
Compare UID in FreeIPA and DSEE LDAP
Compare users' home in FreeIPA and DSEE LDAP
Compare users' groups in FreeIPA and DSEE LDAP


Ansible vault
Ansible roles with example to provision OCI compute
Lifecycle management of a VM in OVMM pool using Ansible
Using Ansible to convert IPA into DSEE client on OL
Ansible role for LDAP DSEE configuration
Using Ansible to deploy Cobbler on OL
Test Ansible role on OCI compute

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